Saturday, May 31, 2008

New stuff...

My growing collection...

BTW the stickers came out dope, gotta send phil his later on this week. should have made more chrome orange such an awesome color. Picked up the five lug and the lug nuts the wheels come in next week. Cant wait.

Cheese it.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Rapture - Evol Intent & Ewun

been diggin the track for a while... heavy DNB ...luvit


I've been inspired by people starting their own car crews/sick limited edition JDM stickies/Those Risky Devilsss/just people making cool stickers in general. So I made my own sticker design yesterday. I belive i may have some changes to make... TF dave said soooo *tear* ...its ok it shall be MADE!!

I think it feels hella flush JDM beat up boro car rear driver side window limited edition spec and or hood or dash spec too. The only ones to rock it will be lil phil, jamo, and I. FOR SUMMER '06 SAKE!!!

Why not? ...Yeah ...Why not!?!

Getting fed up... gotta change the look of my car. At the moment it could possibly be the wackest thing I've ever seen.

I got a feeling I'm going to need some of these...

Monday, May 5, 2008

So Fresh And So Clean ...Again?

Jamo's laptop is in good hands ...seeing that its running again, all I gotta do now is resauder the power connection and it should be just like new. This was free, jamo just handed it over after it pooped-out...well excluding the new hard drive and DVD writer... this thing is pretty quick 2ghz AMD athlon wit 512mb of ram too... not bad sound and graphics card either.

Gotta keep that desktop oh so fresh and so clean... what does el tres elles have on da background skizim, you ask??

PSHHHH I'm Rocking Rauh Welt. ooooooohhhhh myyy... too rowdy? I think not...peace out must sleep, soo tired

...tasty freeze.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Look At The Pretty Colorrrrrssssss...

Check out this awesome collaboration video of some very talented graffiti artists. I love these kinds of videos because you can see the process they go through.

If I was anywhere near this good I'd be fucking ecstatic, gotta keep writing... must get betterrrr...