Sunday, April 25, 2010

Been a Minute

Sorry its been so long since I last updated this shit... fuuug so much shit has happened...

Finished a lot of tracks (at least 6 or 7 that i've uploaded there are a ton that I haven't) My Soundcloud account has really blown up... its kinda nuts. I have over 10,000 plays and over 200 followers. I got featured in another mix by GARDS FROM KC under the alias Eklektik Records in his Eklektik Session #6 (Download it for FREE99) CHECK IIIIT!


oh yeahhh...

I finished my last day of my senior year at the American Academy of Art (SAY WHAAA!?)

I'm currently working/scheming with Phil & Keith of on a couple collaborative projects, one of which includes All the Stars of some Bash?? Iuno lol!!

I have an actual website now check it>>> (needs some work, some as in - A LOT)

I have a gallery showing on the May 15th!! WHAT WHAT!!

and last but not leasssstttt.......... Graduation is the May 26th! YES!!!!!

Well lets get down to it! Heres a track I did a couple months ago... Its kinda got a dnb/dupsteb vibe. CHECK IT! LOVE IT! YEA!!

3L - Finders Keepers by 3LLL