Sunday, January 20, 2008

You don't even know!

So... its been a very very very cold day today. It was like -7 out this morning. -7! -!! 7!! needs to be spring time already, man. I admit the cold was nice for a lil bit, but come on! lets move on... its getting a little carried away. I've never seen the streets of Chicago barren, it was that cold. I was at work for 6 boring ass hours without heat! So we had 4 lil space heaters, fugging ghetto! 4! 1'x1' space heaters. bogus. ...totally bogus.

but hey my manager bought me some myTHAI, amazing! pad ki MAO.

Just learned a new comp trick so im going to use it to the fullest extent of my blogging abilities. I'll start this now and will update it on the regular. Using my new trickity-track be amazed at my super clean Desktop!!!

just hit print screen on your keyboard and... nice.


EarlQHan said...

yes, way too cold. it's ridiculous. i like how your desktop has one icon, internet, and cs. haha.

Its Jamie Time said...

nigga u slow with that print screen shit