Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Chicago Y!?!?

Dumbass Law #1009764-2745Q
Skateboarding is prohibited on sidewalks & streets in and around the inner loop of Chicago.

Yeah, Pretty much got stopped by a cop on Jamos longboard. Then he told me that he could confiscate the board and write me a ticket. [WTF Chicago. WTF.] I told em I honestly didn't know that. So I got off the board after jokingly saying that the law was "retarded"... [we had a few laughs] I then proceeded to walk down a block... then I jumped back on the board and skated to Union. hah! I showed you cop!!!


JanuskieZ said...
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nicoSPON said...

That's super lame, this must've been right after you texted me that one day.

Way to show him!

the3L said...