Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Newest of the New!!

Hey Kids... Its been a minute since my last update (This happens entirely too often... Kinda... Anywho...)

Long story short, I lost all my old data from my last computer do to old age, I'm trying to get all my shit off the old hard drives its just taking longer than expected. I'm running pretty much all new hardware including:

- i7 processor say whaaa...
- Ati Radeon 5870 gigabite graphics card (if you havent seen the actual card peep one ITS HUGE!)
- Newish speakers from the older comp (they look and sound way better than my past setup)

only thing is that i lost my past soundcard... now my FLS runs shitty but its still usable.

Lets get back to it... here is the Newest of the New... Sorry its taking so long im just not diggin' any of my shit lately... CHECK IT!!

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